Jillian Anne
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My name is Jillian. I’m a Certified Online Business Manager based in Calgary, Alberta (that’s Canada, eh!). I got into this work because a career that lets me hang out (digitally) with phenomenal women all day, while simultaneously cuddling my rescue pup Millie on an hourly basis is pretty much my definition of JOY.

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Okay, here's the more 'professional' answer...


In my last j-o-b, I was a Senior Project Manager at a mid-sized marketing agency. I helped my clients launch online programs and live events with consistent 6-figure results.

I’m proud of what I achieved there, and grateful that the experience helped me recognize how much my introverted heart loves working from home.

It also helped me get clear that my favourite kind of clients are women entrepreneurs whose work actively builds the world UP (instead of tearing down self worth for profit - Blergh! Enough of that!), so I decided to step out on my own to work with these women.

My ideal client has a strong vision and has achieved great things already, but she struggles with follow-through, strategy, and managing the hundreds of small tasks that every successful business requires - those are the things that I do best.

Personality Tidbits


INFJ - The Advocate


Fact Finder: 8
Follow Through: 7
Quick Start: 3
Implementor: 2


1. Strategic
2. Responsibility
3. Belief
4. Empathy
5. Arranger


(with bits of 4 & 1)

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We might be a fit if...


  • You have a hard time trusting someone else to take care of the "behind the scenes" work.

  • You’re looking for clarity, action steps, and the experienced savvy that will get your projects across the finish line.

  • Handling every little task yourself means that you haven’t been able to launch as much new stuff as you’d like - not to mention, it’s killing your quality of life!

  • You’re tired of working with people with impressive resumes, but they don’t truly get jazzed up and enthusiastic about who you are and what your company does (I only work with people I fangirl over!)

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