Jillian Anne


Grow your business
with someone who cares
about it as much as you do.


There's a lot you can accomplish on your own.  With passion and a determined heart, you can create substantial business success.  You can help hundreds of people.  You can earn good money and make a difference in the world.

But if you want more...

If you want to help thousands more people...

If you want to double your income and triple your revenue...

If you want to rest in the confidence that your business is still flowing smoothly while you're sipping pina coladas on a beach somewhere...

To grow beyond your current plateau, you need support - and not just a Virtual Assistant to publish your Facebook posts.

I'm talking DEEP SUPPORT. Smarts. Strategy. Structure.

You need a brain that's wired for systems and project management.  A brain that understands your creative process and proactively manages the minutiae you don't want to think about ever again.

That brain is me. :)

My name is Jillian and I’m an Online Business Manager for women entrepreneurs in the realms of body positivity, health & wellness, self love, and spirituality.

If you've gone pretty far on your own, but the next evolution of your business requires savvy and experienced support, I'm your gal!

Schedule a complimentary consultation and let's talk.

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