Anna Sayce

"Working with Jillian has helped me to double my business growth over the last 12 months or so. All of the organizational/management tasks and details that used to take up so much of my time and energy, she now takes off my hands with her relentlessly positive, efficient, can-do attitude, leaving me free to create new content and work with my students. It is wonderful. 

On a personal level, she’s very kind and thoughtful. Plus, she totally ‘gets’ the industry/field I’m in and is always keeping abreast of new developments and trends in the online business world. Any online business owner would be lucky to have her in their corner."

- Anna Sayce |

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Jillian SpanglerComment
Mallory Chapman

“The trust and confidence that I immediately felt with Jillian made our relationship so effortless and easy. I never had to worry about whether something was missed, or a deadline wasn't going to be met, she was incredibly organized, had great communication and was always on the ball. Jillian helped us with our new product launch with a really tight timeline and she delivered 120%. I will definitely be hiring Jillian again and would highly, highly recommend her.”

- Mallory Chapman |

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Annika Martins

"After almost a decade working with highly successful online marketers, Jillian is far and away one of the most excellent managers I've ever worked with. A lot of organizationally-minded folks don't fully understand the creative process and therefore lack the sensitivity and flexibility that us creatives need. Jillian doesn't have this problem. AT ALL. She sees the minutiae that is often overlooked and takes initiative to handle it. She has a brain that gracefully creates efficiency out of chaos, and she does all of this while being one of the kindest humans I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She's exceptional."

- Annika Martins |

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